Positive And Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social media is a very popular and widely used medium of entertainment in today’s society that allows people to connect and congregate from all over the world without having to leave the comfort of home. In order for many people to relieve social isolation and loneliness, social media unravels new pathways of communication and can be used to help people open up and express their opinions (Naruse). It can give people the chance to share and express their ideas to a large audience and receive feedback. Large and small businesses alike use this platform of communication in order to relay information about their products and services faster by using promotions and advertisements on social media websites. While social media has proven itself to be helpful and beneficial in today’s society, there are many studies that show how it can take quite a toll on the mental health and wellbeing of the people who constantly use it. Many people of all ages and from all over the world use social media on a daily basis. While many people of different ages use it, social media seems to influence the lifestyle of younger users, such as teenagers. Younger users of social media are usually more impressionable and more likely to be affected and influenced by online trends and standards, and because these users spend much more time on social media, they are more susceptible to create a habit of constantly checking their phones and becoming addicted. As people spend more time on the Internet and

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