Positive Aspects Of Love

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Through several types of research and experiments, Barbara Fredrickson concluded that love is a vital nutrient in the human body. She claims that love is the body’s “supreme emotion”, however, negative emotion is just as important. The essay focused primarily on the positive aspects of interaction and barely touches upon the negative. Fredrickson makes it seem as though love is the only emotion the human body needs in order to survive, but that is false. Human social interaction is all composed of psychology and biology. Every human is different, and not all expect to receive “positive resonance” when speaking to another. In actuality, negative emotions are necessary for one to develop and fully understand the positive… being happy all the time is absurd
Fredrickson claims that positivity resonance is beneficial to the human body. Despite this, there are several negative social interactions that occur everyday. She seems to be suggesting that people should only be positive. Though many people try desperately to attain a lifetime of happiness and positivity, they cannot. Humans have several different emotions, and no one can be positive all the time. “When an infant and parent do click, their coordinated motions and emotions show lots of mutual positive engagement… They connect over mutual distress or indifference, rather than over mutual affection” (Fredrickson 116-117). During this experiment, it is proved that children and parents connect over how they engage with one

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