Positive Benefits Of College

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Ever thought of attending college? There are many positive outcomes of taking part in college; for example, a numerous amount of career fields require a degree. College influences young teenagers to become more responsible and people with college degrees receive higher income. While growing up, adults and teachers influence minors to strive for a better education in order to become successful in life. They make it known that college is an expectation by saying things such as:”everyone goes to college”, “college is good for you”, and “minimum wage will not offer you enough to pay for life basics.” Graduating from college, highly essential to a successful lifestyle, results in a higher salaried career. By earning a degree, it greatly increases the chances of being successful. According to Suze Orman, in the video, “College is a Rip-Off,” produced by ABC News, she said, “It depends on the degree to find the right job for pay.” W Also, in the speech“America's school children,” that was presented by Barack Obama, he states that, in order to become nurses, lawyers, architects, teachers, police officers and even members of the military, it requires a strong education. He is informing the students that if they are wanting to get somewhere in life, a degree is needed. Anyone can say that their education is superb, but only a handful could say that they actually got educated, by having a degree. Many want to be successful, but with that, comes responsibility.
Additionally, While

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