Positive Characteristics

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When I meet someone they show their positive qualities at first then, then when I do something wrong to them then I see their negative qualities and I never want to see their negative qualities. Positive qualities is what makes up me happy to help others when they need something when they don't have it. I have negative and positive qualities in me but I want to show my positive perspective to people so I don't come off the wrong way. My best qualities are that I am nice to other people, My knowledge in class, and I am easy to get along with. First, my first best perspective to others is I'm nice to them. If you ever need a pencil, paper, pen I will assist you with one. Thats just how I am because if I help people, they will help me out when I need paper or pencil. There was a time where my friend needed a pencil and nobody had one except me. So I looked inside my book bag for a pencil and I found two pencils deep inside my book bag. I gave him a pencil and he said “thank you” then when the end of class come he tries to give me the pencil back and I told him to keep it. A week passes by, then I needed a pencil because I lost my pencil in my last class, so I ask the class if anyone has a pencil for me to use. My friend says he has one and I get the pencil from him, so the bell ring at the end of class and I give him his pencil back and he tells me to keep the pencil. I said ‘ are you sure” he said yes and I said thanks man. So when you look nice you when you wear your

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