Migrant Workers Essay

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Migrant workers are people who leave their hometowns to live and work in other cities or countries. Everyday, there are people moving from one place to another, it may because of wanting to change a working condition, to break away from unemployment, or to find new opportunities for self-development. Someone may against that they bring a lot of negative impact on the places they moved to live and work, but in my opinion, whenever in economic, cultural and social aspect, they bring much more advantages to those places. First, the diaspora makes positive impacts on the economy of a country. In the view of economy, when there are more people are looking for a job, which means the demand for jobs increased, a lower wages can be resulted, so that the country can be benefited by getting more and cheaper labour force, which would help increase the productivity of the country, the competitiveness of it increased. Also, the migrant workers would bring new capitals to the cities or countries, that they must have to bring money for the livings, or if they are come to that …show more content…

As there are people from other countries comes, there would have people from different places in a workplace, or neighborhood, so that people can communicate different cultures at the same place. And by communicating cultures, cultural integration can be promoted, which would benefit those places that migrant workers moved in. By promoting cultural integration, the domestic people's acceptance for the diaspora increase, they can agree to more cultures, so that more migrant people would like to come and develop. For instance, if the local people would not resist trying food from different countries, outsiders may be more willing migrating to that place to start a new business providing featured dishes from their hometown, so that people can have more choices when choosing a meal, different food cultures can be shared and

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