Cognitive Behavioral Theory Analysis

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Description of the Cognitive Behavioral Theory
The Cognitive behavioral theory (CBT) is a theory that focuses primarily on cognition and behaviors that are present. CBT indicates that maladaptive behaviors and/or cognitions are learned through conditioning, reinforcement, and modeling. Coady and Lehman (2016) indicated that many of the cognitive behavioral therapies were developed due to many problems such as depression, panic attacks, phobia, insomnia, and more (pg. 46).
Applying CBT in a Social Work Rural Practice Setting
As a social work practitioner in a rural practice setting, I would utilize cognitive behavioral approaches in counseling sessions that adhere to human functioning. I would empower clients to apply more adaptive behaviors
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In lieu of generalizing research, considerations were made on legal and illegal work statuses that the populations may have to encounter during gaining access to migrant workers. The researchers decided to focus on the description of the realities of migrant workers. The researchers were extremely interested in the social functioning and wide range of problems individuals faced due to their migration statuses. Many of the underlying problems were health risks, family dysfunction, alienation, discrimination and other forms of injustices that affect their everyday lives. The researchers were able to study the commonalities between migrant workers from two diverse countries (Holtzhausen & Oliphant,…show more content…
Research was done to actually inform the social work profession on the many factors related to global social work practice with migrant workers. It expounded on certain strategies that social workers can do to address issues related to migrant policies and provide guidelines for social workers interventions. I think that it is important social work professions to focus on international issues because there may be migrant workers who are closely located in areas where they may be interested in and/or work near. Addressing the many realities that migrant workers face allows from for advocating for policies and services to enhance unemployment, poverty, lack of opportunity, and immigration in third world countries who look at migrant workers as profit instead of a human person who is in need. It is so easy to get complacent when doing work in a country where there are many social and welfare services implemented. That same ease should be globally shown in sensitivity matters for the wellbeing of other workers from other nations (Holtzhausen & Oliphant,
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