Positive Effects Of Human Chemistry

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The ways in which humans interact with the world is dependent on their social interactions and relationships. Human chemistry is incredibly fragile, allowing people to be easily influenced, for better or for worse, by the world around them. In some instances, these influences can be positive, even therapeutic. In others, these influences can be toxic to people’s ability to form ideas and exist as an individual. In an article for The Guardian, Paul Lewis evaluates the fragility of human chemistry in terms of technology. He explores the reality that people do not have as much control over their thoughts as they might think, and how it causes addiction and a loss of individualism among people. He discusses how the overuse of technology causes people to lose control over their own actions, and how social and political environments have completely changed because of it.
Lewis states that technology executives are capitalizing on their addictive products and continuously creating new advertising strategies to keep people hooked. One of these strategies is the development of the notification icon, and how its color was changed from blue to red because it is proven to be a, “trigger color,” (Lewis 5). It causes people to feel the compulsion to click on an app they might have otherwise ignored.
As an addition to the sense of addiction that comes with technology and social media, Lewis shows how many apps make it near impossible to click away and focus on the actual important
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