Positive Effects Of Youth Sports

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A child who is involved with youth sports will benefit from them not only as they are participating, but also when they are grown. Children who play sports will exhibit better health, higher self-esteem, and stronger social skills.
A child who plays sports will show increased signs of health. Childhood obesity has been a big topic in America today. By being involved in sports, children are less likely to be obese due to physical activity. Since a kid is less likely to be obese due to the increase in calories expended from the physical activity, they are less likely to suffer from diseases caused by being overweight, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Another positive effect of staying active, as a youth or even into adulthood, is …show more content…

This will carry forward with them to adulthood.
Most importantly, children who play sports will have stronger social skills later on in life. The skills that are learned during a sport will benefit the child later on in life, not only in athletics. When a child signs up for youth sports, they are forced to interact with other children their age, as well as older individuals, suchs as coaches and officals. As a result, the child learns how to deal with all types of people and are taught to cooperate with others at an early age. Being able to interact with others teaches the kids that although they may be different, they can still work together and have a common interest. Children can also gain the ability to possess strong communication from playing sports. During practices and games, a child will have to talk, not only other kids, but also to their coach. Problem-solving skills can be another positive skill obtained from playing youth sports. When playing sports, when something goes wrong, it causes one figure out what needs to be done quickly which is a necessity as an adult. Playing a sport can teach a kid that leadership skills start to develop at an early age and it only grows as the child gets older. On every team, there is usually one kid who takes charge and helps their teammates out. He or she is not the only kid who will benefit from those leadership

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