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Identify an experience where you had to assess the needs, interests, and goals of a patient with an ethnic background, different from yours, that resulted in a positive learning experience. How did you turn the situation into a positive learning experience? Did you personally have to deal with any stereotypical beliefs? I recently took care of a patient who was from the Hispanic culture. This was his third admission to the medical surgical floor within the past four months for elevated blood sugars and a chronic venous to his left foot. The patient is thirty-four years old. His family arrived to the US ten years ago and he became fluent in English. When the patient comes through the emergency room and they are transferred to our floor, we have to perform an admission assessment. The nurse has to ask the patient a series of questions in which address the patient physiological, psychological, and social needs. When I addressed the series of questions with the patient, he reported being a smoker and smoking one packet of cigarettes every two days. The patient’s history of smoking was not noted in his previous medical history. The patient admitted to being a smoker since he was a teenager. “Smoking is known widely amongst the Hispanic and Latino groups in the United…show more content…
Implementing these factors would result in the patient acquiring a healthier lifestyle, and this would result in an improved outcome of the patient current health condition. The goals in which I identified for this patient were as followed: the patient will be able to discuss the health benefits of quitting smoking, the patient will demonstrate the ability to select appropriate foods for management of his blood glucose levels, and the patient will demonstrate the ability to incorporate the appropriate exercises into his lifestyle for management of his
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