Positive Prayers Yield Negative Responses : Pray Tell Why

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Positive Prayers Yield Negative Responses: Pray Tell Why
By John Prytz | Submitted On December 01, 2012

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The Purpose of Prayer Before-the-Fact

What do I mean by prayer? Prayer is asking a before-the-fact favour from some sort of supernatural deity. That favour (not yet granted) may not of necessity be a selfish wish or even something for yourself, but perhaps praying for good things for someone else (like a …show more content…

No? Then I say again - what a waste. Further, no scholarly studies ever done on the beneficial results of praying have ever shown that praying works. Any time-and-motion, cost-benefit analysis of prayer would have to give those who practice it, and any management (i.e. - religious institutions) who endorses it, the Big Thumbs Down.

Prayer and Your Dreamtime

If in your dreams, you pray, would that count towards extra brownie points with God, assuming of course that praying actually yields brownie points in the first place?

Prayer and Your Pain or Gain Personal Satisfaction

Prayer is an ultra cheap way of feeling all warm and fuzzy in that you 've done your bit to make the world a better place. No blood, sweat and tears; no pain and all gain, no hard yards to tackle. On the other hand, you could get your praying palms dirty and do some real charity or other volunteer work if you really want that warm and fuzzy inner glow.

Prayer and Statistical Results Personal

Does prayer work? If you pray, do you get proof-positive results? I doubt it. In fact I 'd go so far as to say there 's not a snowball 's chance in Hell - not that there really is a Hell of course. The proof of the pudding is of course, if prayer really worked, there would be miracles in that we 'd all be lotto winners or at least pretty rich and famous! We 'd be total successes in our

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