Positive Support To Children With Disabilities

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When faced with the obstacle of a child with disabilities, as humans, we tend to ask the question, “Why God”, however, at some point the question will have to be rephrased, “What do You want me to do now”? Different religions have inconsistent approaches and attitudes to disabilities. These approaches range from acceptance as a gift from god(s) and therefore special, to total rejection as looked upon as a punishment from god(s). This approach varies by the religion, family, and even by the type of disability. Although faith and spirituality can offer positive support, one extensive literature review indicates that “…while faith and spirituality can offer positive support to people with disabilities, their experience within religious or spiritual communities continue to be of exclusion and marginalization and many …show more content…

Disabled children are at a significantly increased risk for being victims of violence. Abusers see disabled children as easy victims due mostly to social, cultural, and economic issues, not the disability itself. Current research indicates that violence against disabled children occurs at annual rates at least 1.7 times greater than their non-disabled peers (UNICEF, 2005). Unfortunately, many parents suffer from a lack of social support leading to intense stress and can sometimes cause them to respond with violence. Informal networks such as family, friends, and neighbors are often called upon to help with child care. Physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse can sometimes occur without the parent’s knowledge or while they are away from the home. Sadly, child advocacy agencies and social services may be aware of the violence or neglect but they choose to keep the child in the household because there are few or no alternative foster care or temporary residential care facilities that are disability accessible or are willing to take in a child with

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