Positives And Negatives Of Social Media Essay

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The Mostly Positives of Social Media Social media is playing a huge part in our lives. Almost everyone has some sort of social media if it is Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, etc. We hear, see, and talk about it everyday, even if we think we do not. When I think of social media I believe it is a positive because it helps with news, entertainment, and for making money. If there is anything we need, we go to the internet or social media. If we see something that is funny or useful, we take a picture of it and either save it and/or post it to social media. “Hey man, you see that thing I retweeted. There was a huge accident on 55 so it is full of traffic. We should find a different route”. When there is an accident on the highway, people put it on social media or even the news casters put it on social media because they have their own account. So, someone posted a photo of the accident and other people see it, then those people retweet or share the photo and it keeps getting passed around and seen. “Today is used mostly to describe how easy it is to access, manipulate, and ‘remix’ chunks of … information”(Morozov 450). I have seen on twitter about random news that I would not have known if it was not for social media like Buffalo Wild Wings being bought out by Arby’s. I do not watch TV, so without social media I would not have known that. Another reason why it helps with news is that you can know what is happening around the world, without being in or even close
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