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It all began when my ex-wife began to have seizures. She was only five months pregnant when this happened. My ex-wife and son were both in danger and I felt hopeless, fearing the worst. The doctors would talk to me about the possible worst case scenario for both my ex-wife and son. Because of this, I didn’t sleep or eat for two months. I was always waking up to my ex- wife screaming because of the pain she went through when they had to check her and my son. It was two months of moving to the ICU and all over Denver Health. Life consisted of my going to work, coming home, and returning to my ex-wife and child. Many nights I would cry and pray at work. I would pray to God to help my ex-wife and son get through this difficult time. I would constantly…show more content…
When I went with him to the NICU I was told I had to leave. I returned to my wife with a smile. She was concerned about Elijah, but I assured her that our son was going to be just fine. We spent the next three months with Elijah in the NIICU.We watched him grow and even struggle at time, but I never let my prayer and faith stop. As the months progressed, so did our son. He never stopped fighting to stay alive. I would always smile when I saw Elijah and give thanks to God for him and my ex-wife. Since then I unfortunately have lost my wife.I feel I failed her as a husband, and so I do not want to fail my son as a father. In lieu of all this, it is important to me to continue my journey in growing closer to God and also becoming an Army Chaplain. I understand it will not be an easy journey, but nothing great is ever easily accomplished. I feel and know that I am called to be a Chaplain to help others get through crises in their lives. I have been through many and I am sure many more are to come. Regardless, my faith will always remain strong and will never falter since God with all his grace and glory will guide me to Him. In return, I must be still and do something I have never done before—I must
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