Post Classical Criticism Of Romeo And Juliet

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CHANGIZI, Pooyan, et al. "Tragedy of Love and Language Par Excellence: A Postclassical and Post-Modern Psychoanalytic Reading of Romeo and Juliet." Studia Universitatis Petru Maior - Philologia, vol. 21, July 2016, pp. 89-104. EBSCOhost.
The author of this article discusses the post-classical and post-modern perspective of a famous tragedy , Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. Reading the post-classical psychoanalytic perspective, concepts by Dorothy Tennov and Julia Kristeva reveal that this tragedy is a failed rebellion of adolescents against authoritative figures, as well as a thorough process of fighting for individualism. Opposingly, in post-modern psychoanalytic perspective, scholars believe that tragedy is the result of adolescents
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Cho uses the gospel of Matthew to elude the work from William to the crucifixion of Christ. The comparisons begin with poison being administered to Juliet by the friar to the assembly of Caiaphas to the kill Christ in the Bible. It concludes with the two young lovers killing themselves to the death of Jesus on the cross. The tragedy is in a chronological order that follows the crucifixion story in the Bible. With this, the article is very useful to me due to the highlighted ideas that would have never crossed my mind, backed up with evidence from the Bible. In conclusion, I agree mostly with what the author says because I am of the Christian faith and the evidence comes directly from the…show more content…
This analyzes Shakespeare's ability to focus on technical logistics of his tales as some trace back all the way to forensic structure of Latin intrigue comedy. Also, this shows that Shakespeare's characters come from the neoclassical rules of dramatic probability. I agree with the author that Shakespeare did try to break the “social norms” of love stories, and use his many techniques to show his ability to create a wonderful piece of art. This article helps me to understand the underlying thoughts of Shakespeare; in other words, a glimpse into his
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