Essay on Post Modern Artists

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Post Modern Artists The realm of postmodern art encompasses various aspects of contemporary styles. There is no set format to creating artwork anymore. Art pieces in the past basically conformed to the Kantian-Hegelian theory of art. Thomas McEvilley claim, "It was essentially an aesthetic theory of art, which held Beauty is a universal force that enters the soul with immediate, unquestionable authority at the instant when the soul approaches the beautiful object with openness to it" (qtd. in Weintraub 245). Beauty became an inborn characteristic of art. Pieces of artwork inevitably possessed the quality of beauty, seeking to inspire and touch the soul with powerful, aesthetically pleasing images. …show more content…

Nature is polluted due to human development. Mel Chin, contemporary artist, attempts to heal the earth through his artwork. Chin explains his artwork as a, "plausible method of leaching heavy metals out of tainted soil, safely trapping the toxins in the vascular structure of the plant and mining ash (after proper incineration) to provide a beneficial and economic potential" (qtd. in Weintraub 46). "Revival Field" is a piece of artwork that purifies polluted earth by using plants which trap the chemicals in their roots. Author Linda Wentraub claims, "he invents strategies for solving real-life problems" (47). "Revival Field" offers a successful integration of science and art by solving the problem of toxic land and also demonstrating the use of new mediums such earth as source of art. Mel Chin is a prime example of the contemporary artist at work. He goes beyond merely recognizing the problem of pollution but also acts to solve it. He forces the audience to ask themselves what can be done about pollution? The solutions can be as complex as his system of "Revival Field" or as simple as recycling waste products. Another problem in society is a lack of faith. The New Testament teaches us that Jesus Christ was crucified. He suffered betrayal and torment. Society no longer directly relates with this image of Christ. It has become somewhat overexposed.

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