Poverty And Its Effects On The International Landscape Of Poverty Essay

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The variations in living standard among people from place to place and from time to time have always existed. Greed, injustice and inequality are the three sides of the triangle of poverty and wherever we see them, poverty is always there. Humans cannot overcome a serious problem such as poverty without addressing those three main causes. Even this problem is worldwide; it varies from one area to another. It is higher in areas which were colonized for a long time before such as Africa, Asia and Latin America than other areas which were not colonized for a long time such as Europe and America. We cannot imagine the swift change that happens in the last century in poverty. Surprisingly, it is only one percent of the population that controls most of the international financial assets, creating a massive change in the international landscape of poverty. It is interesting, but not surprising, to see today with modern thinking and technological progress, poverty is still growing to threaten our existence and it will not go away anytime soon without addressing the three sides of its triangle which are greed, injustice and inequality. Crucially, mobilizing an international movement with clear goals such as fighting against greed, injustice and inequality within the frame of ethics and moral values, and using modern thinking and technology to create more jobs, to establish organizations for charities and donations, and to increase the gross income for

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