Poverty And Mental Health : Poverty Essay

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Poverty and Mental Health
Poverty effects us all in society money can cause all different types of types of stress. Some of the subjects I will be going over is how mental illness can be a contributing factor to poverty, drug addictions and the solutions I believe would assist with these illnesses, and the employment opportunities that are effected by addictions and mental disorders. Sometimes this stress can lead to a mental disorder or in some cases addictions depending on how one manages financial stress. Stress can lead to mental disorders 30 to 40 percent of homeless people suffer from a mental illness. “Sociological research from as far back as the 1030`s has found that mental health of the lower class is worse than that of the higher class”(Faris and Dunham 1939; Srole et al 2011). Mental health plays a large part of everyday life for those who live in poverty with a mental disorder it is extremely difficult to function when they do not have the medications need to function in society. Part of this issue is not having a stable income to afford medications and treatment. Once an individual is homeless and living in poverty the employers make it close to impossible for them to find a job this can be due to their mental illness or the fact they do not have the qualifications most employers requir. This can be extremely discouraging for those that want to make money to afford shelter and food. Mental illness is dangerous when it is not treated. Those who suffer from a

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