Poverty And Poverty Essay

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1. We investigated the impact that poverty has on children with disabilities and their families. What core concepts come to mind when you think of our activities and readings? (Think of One Child, class activities, etc.) How will these concepts guide your instruction and interaction with families? When I think about the story, One Child, I think about how significant my responsibility as a teacher is. I have the opportunity to assist my students in ways that they cannot be assisted while at home. Additionally, I have the power to support my students in various ways within my classroom by using my knowledge and trainings to offer necessary guidance. The socioeconomic and poverty information that I learned by reading, One Child, has allowed me to understand how to guide my instruction as well as how to interact with families. My instruction will always be based on my students’ needs and my interaction with families will always be sincere. I want to understand all of my students on a personal level through their circumstances and their family’s situations. Additionally, the poverty simulation that we completed in class allowed me to realize how difficult it is for families to take care of their children. With that being said, I will think about this every day when my students enter my classroom. I will make sure their needs are met and if they are not, I will do everything in my power to make sure my students are receiving the necessary medications, resources, and hygiene.

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