Poverty And Poverty

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Poverty, a word that is well known throughout a majority of the world’s societies. Although the word is common terminology, it is often overlooked because of its overall harsh reality. Poverty can be defined as anyone who lives paycheck to paycheck. Or in more extreme cases, poverty may be one who lives on the streets with little to nothing to their name. Kathryn J. Edin and H. Luke Shaeffer’s novel, “$2.00 A Day, Living on Almost Nothing in America” acknowledges the hardship facing many American’s and why poverty has become so severe.
Through her innovative research on American poverty, Kathryn Edin found that nearly 1.5 million American households were living on essentially $2.00 a day. In addition, this number affects an estimated 3 million children. Without a doubt, this massive number strikes the question how has poverty gotten this out of hand? Through the reading, Edin provides multiple plausible causations. From Ronald Reagan’s 1976 political campaign to Bill Clinton’s 1993 Welfare reform, both plans for action still affects American society today.
Ronald Reagan’s rhetoric on the “Welfare Queen” struck fear and distrust into citizens across the country. This stereotype within Welfare fueled the public’s outrage and caused for a major revamping of the flawed system. As for Bill Clinton's Welfare reform, it was constructed around the idea to “make work pay.” This phrase was coined in 1988 by David Ellwood. Ellwood, one of Clinton’s advisers, contended that to

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