Poverty And Poverty

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The huge rise in resource consumption has led to an ever widening gap between the rich and poor. As the old saying goes, “the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer.” Using the latest figures available, 59 percent of the world resources were consumed by the wealthiest 10 percent of the population. Meanwhile, the poorest 10 percent accounted for just 0.5 percent of all the consumption (#2). Today’s consumption is exacerbating societal inequalities and the stark difference between the rich and poor is growing. If the trends continue without change, the problem will worsen. ***bad things from the wealth gap Building on this, we can look at the trends in spending, and where it can be better used. It is estimated that just US $6 billion would provide basic education worldwide. Another $22 billion would give every person on the planet access to clean water, basic health services, and sufficient nutrition. If we analyze some areas of spending, we can see that our society has serious problems. Every year, Europeans spend approximately $11 billion on ice cream – yes ice cream! This is nearly enough to bring an education to every child on the planet, twice (#2). $50 billion is spent on cigarettes in Europe alone, and around $400 billion is spent on narcotic drugs around the world (#2). That is more than enough to provide basic necessities for everyone around the world. If we could reduce our consumption levels by just a fraction of what they are now, then we could dramatically

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