Poverty And Poverty

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In a time of war, everyone is called to help. Whether it be volunteering to fight for the country, buying war stamps, or the women dominating the work force because most men are off to war, etc… In a way, the war united the people to support their country. Black people participated in the war to prove to everyone else that they’re willing to fight for their country even if it costs them their life. Women got involved as the army needed nurses to tend to the injured and the sick. They were also called to be the head of the house as their husbands left them to go fight in the war. So they had to get a job to support their children. The wealthy contributed with what they have, their money. England was divided between poverty and wealth at the time being. Britain getting involved in World War I was for the good of the people because it caused a great change in their society.
While the people that were in poverty were barely scraping by, the wealthy would hire them to clean their house, which had up to “20 or more rooms, with bathrooms that had hot and cold running water from taps (something lots of poor homes did not have)” (BBC). Life has always been and always will be unfair and cruel. Poverty still exists and i is a battle that is such a difficult one to overcome. Even with a lot of people pitching in to help, there is just too much negativity that a battle with poverty brings. Many of the poor got sick and ill due to their lack of money to buy the proteins that they needed

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