Poverty : Poverty And Poverty

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Child poverty in America is often overlooked because compared to other nations and the majority of the population it is minimal; still, this epidemic affects over 14.5 million United States children and families. Martin Luther King Jr. once said “America is going to hell if we don’t use her vast resources to end poverty and make it possible for all of God’s children to have the basic necessities of life” and at the rate America is going, poverty becomes a bigger issue each day. Impoverishment includes risks of health, family instability, lack of employment, lack of education and lack of proper nutrition; poverty maters, and the shortage of worth given to this issue is enthralling. In the 2014 census, more than 15.5 million children in America were considered poor, with more than two thirds in working families with low income. Compelling data of the ample costs of poverty among children to our country 's economic well-being and shows that policies to reduce the poverty rate among children must be a central part of efforts to build a fit bargain for the 21st century. Although the cost is too high to make all families happy, children should be the most essential given that they are the future of our great nation. Policies such as: Ending Child Poverty Now and the children’s Defense Fund, are being implemented to formulate a better future and put an end, if not reduce, the effects this outbreak. Each year half of the poor population costs the nation trillions of dollars just…

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