Poverty Taking A Toll Essay

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Gladys Castillo
English 7 H
Mrs. Martin
November 4, 2015 Poverty Taking a Toll

When you throw a pebble into water it sends ripples throughout it, likewise everything caused constitutionally creates an aftermath. Poverty is an overwhelming word because of the meaning and situation it carries, especially when a person is living in the state of poverty. This is a worldwide issue that you may find in many countries, never the less you see it everywhere and even when you don’t it’s there. Millions of children, young adults, and elderly live in this problem, many of them handicap or with diseases and disabilities. It singles not one gender or ethnicity, along with many of them having to face this alone or as a family. The cause of this …show more content…

“Particularly vulnerable are children from the poorest households who are 80% more likely to die in the first 5 years of life compared to children from the wealthiest household.” (Skiles 2015) This complication attacks the health of children and as unfortunate as that is, it attacks them because of the conditions forced to settle with. Children living in the low class section and growing up in a low income family are often exposed to diseases due to housing conditions such as poor sanitation and limited water with can lead to mal-nutrition. All of this contributing for the reason behind why children growing in poverty get dieses such as Aids. “Previous studies in South Africa have found that children in AIDS- affected families reported consistently higher levels of poverty than children in healthy or other ill families.” (Boyes, Meinck, Franziska, Cluver 2015) With poverty, comes horrific diseases but health can come in many shapes and forms. One being that it can affect someone mentally as well, causing them to be stressed, depressed and change ones character. Many parents suffer from mental illness causing them to lose control of situations and create negative parenting and family functions. “Household illness and high levels of disability, coupled with stigma and poverty may therefore lead to increased stress, poorer parenting and mental health, which can increase

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