Poverty Is An Overwhelming Word

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Gladys Castillo English 7 H Mrs. Martin November 4, 2015 Poverty Taking a Toll When you throw a pebble into water it sends ripples throughout it, likewise everything caused constitutionally creates an aftermath. Poverty is an overwhelming word because of the meaning and situation it carries, especially when a person is living in the state of poverty. This is a worldwide issue that you may find in many countries, never the less you see it everywhere and even when you don’t it’s there. Millions of children, young adults, and elderly live in this problem, many of them handicap or with diseases and disabilities. It singles not one gender or ethnicity, along with many of them having to face this alone or as a family. The cause of this issue for everyone varies but the effects caused by poverty may be similar to many as they go through the challenges when poverty affects you by targeting your well-being and for many growing up in the continuous cycle face a struggle in education which leading up to poverty affecting our economy as a whole. For some people the thing they want most is to be rich and for others it is to be healthy. Living in poverty gives you neither, in fact their health is found at an all-time low because poverty can severely limit the amount of care available to you especially when you are in that kind of situation. Children are most affected when it comes to their health because they are much younger and are in the hands of a caregiver in which the

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