Poverty Is The Core Of Any Sustainable Local Development

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Extreme poverty remains one big challenge in the developing and under developed countries all over the world, (Olinto & Uematsu, 2000). This situation has affected development in most of these developing countries, and core institutions in the society such as health and education have been adversely affected, (Auya & Oino, 2013). According to WCED, (1987), poverty is not only an evil in itself, but that sustainable development needs to meet some basic needs so as to fulfill the aspirations for a better life. According to the same report, working with poor community members to eradicate poverty should continue to be the core of any sustainable local development. The term local development is today a household term in the whole world and has become a component of mainstream thinking. It is geared towards increase in productivity, creation of jobs and wealth, human capacity building, promotion of entrepreneurship, and improvement of income levels at the household levels, (OECD, 2007). Local development is today viewed as the approach that will help in improving quality of life, while at the same time supporting empowerment of the ordinary person, develop and preserve the local assets, as well as overcome market failures, and the strengthening of cohesive projects that deliver the grass-root development projects. According to Jouen et al, (2010), such initiatives are usually area-based integrated strategies aimed at mobilizing a certain number of local stakeholders. This
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