Poverty Of South Carolina Is An Issue For All Citizens Essay

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Poverty in South Carolina is an issue for all citizens. The issue is particularly acute if you are a citizen living in poverty, but the issue is of critical importance to those citizens that must support those areas stricken by persistent poverty. Unbeknownst to many South Carolinians is the persistent poverty corridor in which certain counties struggle much more than others long I95. Allendale County stands out even amongst its peers as a county that is struggling to address multigenerational poverty. This paper deals with Allendale County poverty after offering insight into poverty in general within South Carolina.
Persistent Poverty in South Carolina
Poverty within the United States is defined as “having an income below a federally determined poverty threshold. ” Poverty thresholds were developed by the United States government in the 60s to benchmark levels of subsistence. Over time these thresholds are often adjusted to account for inflation; it is now typical for the federal government to adjust the poverty threshold levels annually. Poverty levels represent the government’s estimate of the point below which a family has insufficient resources to meet their basic needs. Any family with less income than the established poverty amount is officially classified as poor or as living in poverty. Income as defined by the federal rules can include cash and cash welfare assistance, but excludes any in-kind welfare assistance. There are restrictions a few other
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