Essay On Homeless People

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When people hear the word poverty many people think of the bad connotations that come with it like, smelly homeless people that are crackheads and disease holders. Some people may even think they are uneducated or not hard working enough and rather ask for money instead of trying to get a job. Although a small portion of that may be true to some homeless people due to addictions on drugs and the toll it takes on their lives. The majority of homeless people are either veterans or immigrants, who find it difficult to find a job and support themselves or the families they might have. Trying to end poverty in the United States, isn’t a problem that can be solved overnight, but there are steps that can help ease poverty and the images and ideas …show more content…

I was stunned to see a SNAP card in such a beautiful home, at first I was taken back but then I thought to myself well maybe he is going to school and his parents, although wealthy, may be showing him some form of tough love. Then I soon realized it was not just him it was his whole family receiving these benefits. The most gut wrenching thing about this whole situation, is to see the wealth these people have, and the new Range Rover the son just brought. Yet still asking and taking advantage of such a wonderful program designed to help those in poverty. In an internet article Food Stamp Fraud by Amy Gomez, a student attending Moreno Valley College, interviews people who are struggling and their thoughts about the system. Amy interviews Maria Elizabeth Villalpando, a student attending UCR and states how she was not able to receive food stamps benefits due to her parent’s income. As Amy interviewed Mary she states that her brother, David, has friends who live in the apartments a block away,and sell their food stamp card in exchange for money. “My friends will call me every couple of months and ask if I want to use the card," David Villalpando said. As the articles goes on a cashier from Stater bros, Angeline Gonzalez claims to see food stamp fraud almost every day. "I work so hard to barley get by, at times it 's so frustrating to see people take advantage of these cards and sell them on the street," Gonzalez said. Many people who are on welfare have been seen driving

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