Poverty vs. Low Birth Weights

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Abstract There exist some evidence that poverty can result in low birth weight in newborn infants. On Prince Edward Island, low birth weights are currently the lowest as compared to the national average according to Statistics Canada. However, the link that exist between poverty and low birth weights leaves unanswered questions as to what can be done to reduce these low birth weights in newborn infants. The effect of Poverty on Low Birth Weight in Newborns Receiving good prenatal care is extremely important for an expecting mother. The prenatal period has a great impact on the newborn's health. Low birth weight is a problem among a certain population of newborns. It is crucial to understand the conditions in poverty and its…show more content…
However taking a larger group of data may help in showing more significant findings. Other studies have found that there exist a strong relationship between poverty and low birth weights (Pearl, 2001). Determinants of health, which includes, income and social status, social support networks, education, employment and working conditions, physical health practices and coping skills, healthy child development and health services determine the status of our health (Government of PEI, 1996, pp.15-17). How socio-economic disadvantaged moms, results in their inability to good communication and less support systems in their environment, therefore reducing access to prenatal health care. Low education levels creates a barrier to accessibility of prenatal information and education, therefore, hampering mother's knowledge for good prenatal care. "Living in neighborhoods that are less socio economically advantage may differentially influence birth weight, depending on women's ethnicity and nativity." (Pearl, 2001). Early prenatal care is extremely important for the future baby's health. Although prenatal care is funded by the Provincial and Federal Governement, not all women receive prenatal care on Prince Edward Island. This could be as simple as not being able to get transportation to
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