Maternal And Child Health : A Part Of The Health Resources And Services Administration ( Hrsa )

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Maternal and child health is currently a part of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Child Welfare Services are now included as a part of the Administration for Children and Families. Historically, the major issue for women and children during the Great Depression in the 1930s was that when the federal budget was tightened, that led to a decline in health for mothers and children. President Franklin Roosevelt signed new legislation into law, including Title V of the Social Security Act in 1935 and the Food Stamp law in 1939, in order to improve maternal and child health nationwide. Also, for many decades, a Title V project helped to develop health and safety standards for out-of-home child care facilities, nutrition …show more content…

This goal focuses on specific topic areas that address a wide range of conditions, health systems, and health behaviors in order to improve wellness, health, and quality of life for women. The healthcare system has to be prepared for the challenges in public health for maternal and child health program predicted for the next generation in the way that it provides services for communities, health care systems, and families. The role of public health is to find out how to solve problems related to health risks for pregnancy by identifying existing health risks in women and by preventing future health problem for women and their children. These health risks include hypertension and heart disease, diabetes, depression, tobacco use, alcohol abuse, unhealthy weight, inadequate nutrition, and genetic conditions. There are several factors that may become barriers of access for women in the healthcare system. One factor is the woman’s socioeconomic level, with the outcomes for maternal and child health becoming different for various socioeconomic levels. Poor maternal health may increase the risk of poor child health outcomes, and the socioeconomic status of the child’s parents affects their choice of healthcare options, such as receiving better quality medical care and food, as well as living in safer housing and neighborhoods. Many other factors that can also affect

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