Powder Puff Game-Personal Narrative

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“Dude, it would be more fun if we go to the powder puff game” I told Lucas as we were walking home on a hot spring day.

“I haven't been too a trl in forever!” Lucas said furiously like a child wanting a toy. When we got to my house, we finally decided to go the powder puff at 6:30 that day but lucas still wanted to go to trl. As Lucas and I were grabbing our Id cards and money, I was telling my mom that we are going to the Oakmont powder puff game. When Lucas and I were leaving my house, my mother told to call me her at 7 to check up. As we were walking up to the bleachers we were noticing how big the high schoolers were and we felt like 2 hairless cats around a group male lions. When we finally got to a empty spot in the bleacher, we were frighten as a toddler who lost his mother.

“You were right, we should have gone to trl.” I could see a little smirk on lucas's face, he always liked …show more content…

“He isn't picking up his phone !” Lucas said frightened. At that moment we both knew that I needed to call my mother for her to pick us up at Trl. When I pulled out that evil phone that somehow always got me in trouble, then I had to press call and when I did my body froze like a popsicle. “ RING RING RING RING.” Please don't answer, please don't answer. Then it finally stopped.

“ Hi honey, what do you need ?”

“ Hi mommy can you pick Lucas and I up at Trl right now ?” I said so innocently like I haven't done anything wrong. There was a couple of seconds where i could tell that she was comprehending what I just said.

“I thought you guys were at the football game!” she said furiously

“I was but we got bored at the game so we went to Trl”

“Wait there is my dad right there !” Lucas said outloud. At that moment I wanted to rip off lucas’s overgrown afro cause he couldn't have found his dad before I called my mother and

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