Power In African American Society

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In the current macro state of the united states what stands out as a conflict in society to me is the hatred people have for the Black lives matter movement and the action that Colin Kaepernick started by taking a knee during the National Anthem that many players are doing more so know. Due to the unjustly killing caused by the criminal justice system, this social structure has a high percentage of the African American community feel like they’re afraid for their lives. This makes me think people that don’t understand or even hate the black lives matter movement don’t understand the impact sociological imagination has in what’s going on. The group in power and their followers lack the ability to have empathy for what the oppressed African American…show more content…
What Adchie said shows that the people in power are blinded by the single story of African Americans because if they weren’t they would’ve put themselves in the shoes of the oppressed to try and understand the worry in their minds. All the media does is scratch the surface of the events happening and the criminal justice system is using their power exactly the way Adchie described it as: “power is the ability to tell the story of another person but the definitive story of that person” (Adchie). Moreover, getting pulled over for being black can be seen as a formal sanction for a black person because of the what has been going on in society. When Adiche says “our lives, our cultures, are composed of many over lapping stories” I think she means that as social beings our culture are made from what we see, hear, and do. For example, Adiche hated what her roommates single story of her but she had the similar type of single story for the Mexican people. In addition, for the black lives matters movement the single story of them is causing traumatizing episodes for their community and if we just look at stories in that matter then we will forever be blinded by the truth and no justice will be found for any movement. For the black lives matter movement, power is against them and they are just fighting for equality because to them, their single story is that all black people, especially black men, in the eyes of law enforcement are looked at as
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