Power In Society

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The government is very powerful, and the people have to do everything they command. They can change one little rule and make it a big conflict in society. Anyway, before this happened, one day Jason, his wife, Sarah, and their daughter, Bailey, were in their house all together on a nice sunny day in spring. Sarah and I were listening to the radio and Bailey was doing her homework. We saw another leak in our house, knowing we were not gaining money, but losing. I patched it up with some duct tape and a bucket under to protect it.
“Dad are we going to be good with money,” Bailey asked me.
“Yes don’t worry, it's getting late you should go to bed,” I told her, not being very truthful. We all went to bed saying our goodnight hugs and kisses. …show more content…

“After work can you go get some medicine for Bailey please,”
Sarah asked me.
“Yes, yes I will.” I answered back. We all left for the places we needed to be. I worked twice as hard then I normally did to gain some money. I still couldn't believe what the government is trying to do and how it will bring them success. I finished today, but I went to the bathroom before I left to wash off the coal so my family wouldn't know why I was working so hard and why I was worried. I got home and heard the sound of Bailey’s cough and was disappointed in myself that I forgot the medicine.
“Where is the medicine,” Sarah asked me in an angry voice.
“I totally forgot, I’m sorry Bailey,” I said.
“Bailey go to your room, please,” Sarah command.
She left to her room with a cough following her.
“Mom my head is hurting and I’m getting hungry,” Bailey said across the hall.
“I’ll be right there,” Sarah said.
“How could you forget,” Sarah said to me.
“I don’t know I just had my mind on work and I forgot.” I answered back.
“You don’t have to pretend that you’re fine, I know what is going on we will figure it out together.” Sarah said softly.
“I know I just want to protect you guys.” I said.
We hugged it out, but I heard a thump coming from Bailey’s room. We rushed and saw Bailey on the floor. We quickly took her to the emergency room. They took her in and Sarah and I sat in the waiting room. They came out and told us she couldn’t make

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