Power Of The Law And Intimidation

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ASSIGNMENT # 2 (Small Group Discussion # 1)

Reviewing an individual who was fighting a ticket within the provincial setting in traffic court. The accused was a white male approximately 19 years of age and was charged with failing to stop while going through a yellow light. In the City of London, Ontario, there are a number of initiative that take place on a monthly bases. The London Police department are known for, “meeting their quota for tickets each month”. This was one of those times.

There are a number of power dynamics going on within this situation. The power of the law and intimidation, young white male discrimination (as he is a male, must be a poor, speed hungry driver), and legal
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Once in front of the white male judge, it took less than 2 minutes for the entire proceedings to occur. There was an obvious feeling of men against the female prosecutor, which in turn led to a change in statute of the defense lawyer. When she stood, she step slightly back, away from the desk, behind her accused. She appeared to diminish in front of my eyes. The prosecutor read the charge, and explained that the charge had been changed. At that moment, the judge looked up at the young man and lectured him on the dangers of driving. The lawyer stepped backwards a little more, as if she was fearful of the situation. This judge was discriminated against this young man because of his age and sex. As Pamela George states, “The disqualifications of racialized victims is systemic throughout the criminal justice system”(Chan & Dorothy, 2014, p.35), which further supported when the judge asked the prosecutor if they were sure they didn’t wanted to keep the original charge, and offered to make the correction. Further stating, “this would be a good lesson for the young man” (2014).

This judge is suppose to be “impartial”, “neutrality” and provide “objectivity” (Comack, 2014, p. 11) which is the backbone of the legal system, which provides the notion of legal positivism (Comack, 2014, p. 12). This judge used his power in the relationships in his court, to evoke various emotions, including
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