Power Structures And Culture : Power Structure

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Power Structures and Culture Power structures help shape culture as culture helps shape powers structures as well. Culture is the way someone lives and goes about the things in their life that is built by ancestors and passed down from generation to generation. Power structure is the way the power is distributed through the culture, which is usually decided by a select group who hold influential positions in government. One of the oldest is the power structure of white superiority and white cultures deciding things for non-white cultures. Hitler used his powers structure to reshape the German culture into his own ideology. The patriarchal power structures of the world influence culture by keeping women subdued. Every culture has a powers structure which helps the culture maintain values or practices that the ones in power deem important.
One example of a power structure that greatly influenced a culture was the Hitler regime. Hitler used his book Mein Kampf to spread his rhetoric of Anti-Semitism and use the power he would gain to completely change the culture of the German citizens. Kenneth Burke, author of The Rhetoric of Hitler’s “Battle”, explains that Hitler is giving an explanation for the people of Germany for why they are in an economic downturn and other problems they were experiencing after World War I. “Are they not then psychologically ready for a rationale, any rationale, if it but offer them some specious ‘universal’ explanation? He was not offering people a

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