Power Struggles And Its Impact On Society Essay

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It is an unfortunate reality that not everyone in society is equal. This is due to the centuries of power struggles and certain dominant groups being the center of decision-making. These dominant groups are seen as privileged and everything in society is created to benefit said group. This makes the other groups oppressed in that in order to succeed as the privileged, they must attempt to use a system not created with them in mind. This is where equality comes in. It allows both groups to exist in the state however denies the boundaries that are still faced among oppressed groups. This shows the importance of equity. With it, exists a state that provides all needs necessary for everyone to succeed. Imagine going to a sporting event and watching the game over a fence. For every person there, one crate is provided for him or her to stand on to see above the fence. This is an example of equality because everyone is given the same amount of crates. Now, imagine some individuals still cannot see even when standing on said crate and need an additional crate in order to be able to watch the game. This is an example of equity. Presented above is a very popular example of the difference between equality and equity. This paper will provide a brief explanation of both Equity and Equality and will further explain the challenges both face in the eyes of the state, as well as which one serves as more persuasive. To start, equality is the state of being equal, in that everyone is

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