Powerful Leadership In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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What makes an effective and powerful leader? Many believe it is the support of their followers, others say it is the ability to influence others, some even say it is just their ability to overpower and oppress their competition. Throughout William Golding’s Lord of the Flies it is shown that Deception and smooth talking are essential qualities to a powerful leader because these abilities are important to remain or climb to power. This is shown when Jack tries to crawl to power, when Ralph tries to reassure the boys, and when the boys try to justify Simon's murder.

Jack abilities to influence the boys are responsible for his rise to power.
Jack is first shown using his deception when he is hunting pigs in chapter 3. He has decided that the food situation isn’t idle and declares to Ralph “we want meat” (golding 51).
Jacks and Ralph argue throughout the chapter about what is best for the boys, Ralph wants the boys to have shelters to protect from the elements but Ralph wants meat as the diet of berries and other fruits have caused the boys to suffer from diarrhea. Jack believes the meat is important not only because it will fix the boy's bowel problems but also he can use it as an opportunity to raise himself in power and possibly become chief. Jack uses the word “we” to make it seem as though this is what all the boys want but is really a way for him to further his own agendas

Jack once again uses his silver tongue to sway the boys away from Ralph’s leadership in chapter

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