Powering Vs Problem Solving Essay

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That Problem-solving is more efficient than powering in reducing corruption in the long run. In this article I Identified the dependent variable as the level of corruption and the independent variable as problem solving over powering. problem-solving implies that substantial changes are achievable by sequentially advancing small, novel, partial, or indirect changes, often quietly and under the radar of political and social forces. Instead of pushing wholesale reform through at “critical junctures,” proponents of problem-solving take advantage of small opportunities and use the complexity of policy areas to advance individually minor but often cumulatively significant changes. Administrative officials convince politicians to agree to an incremental step, planning and hoping that the “one little step” sets in motion a sequence of steps that add up to significant transformation. …show more content…

Thus, while proponents of powering argue that a strong push is required to bring significant change, problem-solving starts from the premise that incremental change is achievable within the existing sociopolitical environment. And whereas powering confronts opposition head-on, problem-solving tends to avoid it. Three attributes are particularly important for distinguishing powering from problem-solving: the reform proponent, aspirational level, and time frame. Powering reforms are initiated or championed by political leaders who seek to overhaul institutions within the time frame of the executive’s term; problem-solving reforms are spearheaded by state technocrats who make incremental modifications over a longer time

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