Pphl 25 Reflection

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I am currently taking up PHIL 25, Philosophy of the Human Person, and it helped me interpret complex things discussed in the 26-chapter text. The text as well helped me refreshed what were already discussed on our PHIL 25 course and also aids in attaining a deeper understanding on Philosophy. In the first chapters of the text, I already know that there is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom; wherein not all knowledgeable are wise. And what the text provided me was a better comprehension on the difference between the two, knowledge and wisdom.

I, myself, do not know what wisdom is. According to the dictionary, wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; but what does wisdom really mean. In the text, it was described as the knowledge of highest causes. It is about seeing the larger picture of things. And mostly the wise persons are the older ones. I have learned that most older person are wise not
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The principle of identity states that each being is what it is, thus everything is determinate. Without this principle we would not know anything at all and that what is something is the same as what it is not. On the other hand, the principle of non-contradiction states that something cannot be both true and false at the same time in the same respect. Without this principle, for me, the world would be in chaos. This is because, what would I want to mean could be the opposite of what would i want to imply. The principle of the excluded middle states that a thing can only be is or is not, there is no such thing as in between them. I have also grasp that becoming is being. This is for the reason that becoming means changing into something. But before that change has come to happen, that thing to undergo change is still the thing it is. I am quite confused
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