Practice Never Makes Anyone Perfect

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Practice Never Makes Anyone Perfect
A brown box arrived on my doorstep one fateful day that would drastically change my weekend plans for the next several months. This special package contained a book that resembled a dictionary, a few testing pamphlets, and a wonderful contraption that I would label as a headset. My friend Nicole and I set up our laptops on the kitchen counter, almost like a battleship command center, and readied ourselves for the next few hours of the next few weeks of test prep. Both our parents signed us up for an online SAT prep course called Princeton Review that guaranteed an increase of points on our next test. We were not thrilled spending our Saturday and Sunday afternoons on our laptops with other virtual …show more content…

Ever since I could remember, I always detested speaking over the phone with people I never met. The instructor made us each read a question out loud or verbally explain an answer through the microphone. At first, I was extremely uncomfortable with the whole communication situation; however, the more I practiced, the more comfortable I felt using the microphone. That was until one sunny afternoon, rather than doing normal teenage activities like napping, Nicole and I sat at the dinner table interacting with our SAT instructor and classmates. Part way through the class, we broke for a little snack to renew our mental strength. The instructor called on me to read a problem; meanwhile, Nicole and I were laughing with our mouths full of food. I turn on my microphone and attempted to read the section in a relatively serious voice. It sounded like I had some serious speech issues, “Jona-jonathan went-hahaha-to the-haha-store to-to uh to buy some cha-cha-cheese crackers?” I am 99.9% sure that my instructor believed that I was an incompetent student with little self-respect and I realize now that snacking during the class might not have been the greatest idea. The testing prep forced me to verbally convey to an “audience” my comprehension of the subject and explain a solution. It also gave me opportunities to express my thoughts through words in a chat box giving me practice in writing precise instructions. Even though

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