Pre-Med Student Advantages

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As a disadvantage student, the challenges I have faced motivate me to accomplish my goals. Coming from a disadvantaged background mold my work ethic. My ability to work diligently allows me to put the required effort to succeed as a pre-med student. I put one hundred percent effort into my ambition of becoming a successful physician. Through my experiences, I have learned that hard work does pay off in the end. I am aware that opportunities are limited, exceptionally for students from disadvantage backgrounds. I have learn that being a disadvantage student requires not focusing on the disadvantages and work hard at obtaining the most out of the opportunities that are available. Despite the disadvantages I may have due to my financial background, I do have the advantage of having people support me. Throughout my life, my family rarely had extra money for expenses. However, they did find a way for me to achieve a good high school education through an internet home school program. Through this opportunity, I accomplish my goal of graduating high school in 3 years and with the grades and standardized test score that allow me to become the first in my family to go to a university. I…show more content…
The limits of available money made applying for programs difficult. However, hearing about the opportunity of Pulse program last year allow me to find an opportunity that was not unavailable due to my financial situation. The opportunity of the Pulse Program allowed me to gain exposure to the health care field and volunteer opportunities. I worked hard and took the classes serious as an opportunity to learn. The experience I had was so rewarding, it motivated me to apply again. Knowing that opportunities are limited for disadvantage students, I know that when opportunities present themselves, I must take full advantage of those
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