Pre-Medical Application Research Paper

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I was in the 2nd grade when I got my first glimpse of what being a doctor was like. A young physician from the local hospital came in and spoke to my class about how it was so rewarding working with medicine and helping people from all aspects of life. I figured that with my obsession with the Discovery Channel, my aptitude in science, and the inspirational speech I had just received, being a physician was something I wanted to do. I decided that becoming a physician would be my life goal and I would do everything possible to ensure that I had the best chances at accomplishing that goal. The gateway to making all of this happen: choosing the best college that would make me a well-rounded individual and a competitive medical school candidate. When I applied to Methodist University, I did so with the intent of receiving a rigorous education in a setting where I felt I could relate to the student population and the area. While this may true for what Methodist offered me, I felt behind as an aspiring medical student. After the first semester of my sophomore year, I realized that Methodist offered little, if any, academic and extracurricular opportunities for pre-medical students. I realized that even though I loved the rigor of my courses and the close knit atmosphere, I just couldn’t continue to limit my growth as an individual and as a student…show more content…
I am prepared to meet the academic demands of George Mason and become a successful individual and student. The academic programs, diversity of the student population, and extracurricular activities at George Mason reflect exactly what I’ve been seeking in a university. By attending George Mason, I hope to become more involved with my premedical studies, deepen my knowledge in psychology, flourish in a diverse student atmosphere, grow as an individual, and eventually attend medical
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