Prediction: Clockwork Angel By Cassandra Clare

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Prediction This novel, Clockwork Angel, by Cassandra Clare seems pretty interesting to me due to its sort of unpredictable, yet intriguing theme on its cover. However, by reading the title, I predict that it will be about an angel constructed of clockwork. Based on the cover art, I have come to believe that this novel focuses on a young man who decides to build an angel, but then realizes that it has special abilities or powers. I think that he will probably inherit powers too, for on the cover, the angel and the man seem to be emitting light and glowing faintly. I believe that specific detail represents special powers and/or magic. I am assuming that the setting will take place in London, probably in the early 1900s because Big Ben, the …show more content…

Although they both have many differences, they also happen to have a lot of things in common, based on the crazy things that have happened in their lives. Many unexpected adventures came their way and they both have truly changed as people from these adventures.
One thing that they both have in common is that their parents are both dead and they were brought up by an aunt. Tessa’s parents died when she was a toddler and she was raised by her Aunt Harriet. Harry’s parents died when he was a baby and was raised by his Aunt Petunia. They also both lived ‘normal’ and mundane lives until they suddenly realized that they aren’t what they thought they were. Tessa grew up living a mundane life until she was kidnapped by the Dark Sisters only to find out that she is a special kind of Downworlder. Harry had believed he was normal until Hagrid found him and he realized that he’s a famous …show more content…

This story is set in the Victorian era, specifically in 1878, where various species of supernatural beings who protect the world against demons coexist in a world with ‘mundanes,’ or non-magical people. The main character of this book is a sixteen-year-old American girl named Theresa “Tessa” Gray. She is a tall individual who is quite extroverted and has brown hair and gray eyes. Tessa’s life immediately changes when she sets off to London to reunite with her brother; she gets kidnapped and tortured, which leads her to discover a new world and powers she never knew she had: the ability to shape-shift and turn into (become) other people. As she learns what she is capable of, she realizes that the Magister, a mysterious man who runs a secret club called the Pandemonium Club, is after her powers. She also finds out that her brother has gone missing as well. Tessa finds herself to unite with a race of half-angel half-human beings called Shadowhunters to find her brother and to help them uncover the mysteries of the Pandemonium Club, the reason and purpose of the suspicious murder cases of mundanes, and who the Magister is, as well as what his schemes are; at the same time, she struggles with figuring out what she truly is herself. This book doesn’t necessarily have a resolution for it ends in a cliffhanger. However, some conflicts were still solved. The end of the novel was

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