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The only person I could think of to take the LCI test was my mother. I am around her daily and as the world tells us daily, you two are so much alike: how could I choose anyone else. However, after learning about the different learning patterns and learning styles, no matter how much our physical selves resemble one another; our brains couldn’t be more different. She wasn’t willing to take the actual test but I’m sure I can give an accurate description.

We are alike in our strong leadership skills and ability to work both alone or with a team. We are both amazingly creative and love to think outside the box. We differ in the sense that I am a reader and like to take the time to make sure I complete my tasks in correct order. I am a neat freak …show more content…

She is definitely the pillar of the family. A natural born leader she works well with others, but very rarely is it from the behind. She works out in the front as a head of the community. She definitely takes on many projects and works best alone. She creates her own jewelry, and I believe she is at her best and most creative in isolation. She is brilliant and has a million ideas; she just has to get them out undisturbed.


I am absolutely positive that her highest score would be confluence. I would say My mom uses this patter “USE FIRST”. She always thinks outside the box. She will only follow given directions if absolutely necessary. She is very “straight to the point” and hates access information. She is one of the most creative women I have ever met and she works well alone. When she makes her earrings she said it brings her peace and it gives her a chance to sort out her thoughts.


I believe her lowest score would be precision. I would say My mom uses this patter “AS NEEDED”. Unless it’s a true interest of hers, my mom won’t research much of anything. If she doesn’t understand something, she will have someone else explain it to her, but will say what is it they are trying to say. Usually when given a task, she will ask what you need done, and when do you need it done. Everything else is all on her and she will complete it to her

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