Predictors Of Cardiac Symptoms Attribution Among Ami Patients

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The article entitled ‘Predictors of Cardiac Symptoms Attribution Among AMI Patients’ was chosen as an introduction to the core measures for acute myocardial infarction (AMI). The title of the article succinctly shows the relationship between the key variables of the dependent variables of predictors of correct symptom attribution(CSA) to the independent variable of the study population of 135 patients from four North American hospitals. The abstract also clearly and concisely summarizes the main features of the report by briefly stating the background, purpose and design, results and conclusion, and an address for correspondence. Throughout the introduction of the article the background behind AMI was first acknowledged addressing the …show more content…

The population was sufficiently described as having involved participants from two hospitals in both the United States and Canada. The inclusion criteria for the study included patients who were aged 18 or older, English-speaking, hospitalized for 24 to 96 hours with their primary diagnosis being AMI. Exclusion data included patients who were on mechanical ventilation, those that experienced ongoing chest pain, patients with unstable vital signs and patients who experienced an AMI while in the hospital. The data was then collected using structured interviews. It is important to note that approval for the conduction of the experiment was granted from the Research Ethics Board of the University of Windsor. However, informed consents were not required because the study involved secondary analysis of the data (Dunlop & Fox-Wasylyshyn, 2011). A conceptual definition was used to define the meaning of symptoms related to the study. Based on this definition, a list of descriptive words that could describe the intensity, location, nature, and quality of symptoms experienced throughout the patient’s AMI were used in the form of an Experience of Heart Attack Symptoms questionnaire (EHAS). The Experience of Heart Attack Symptoms questionnaire was stated to be a modification of the Representation of Heart Attack Symptoms

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