Predominantly White Institution ( Pwi )

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Predominantly white institution (PWI) is a term used to describe institutions of higher learning, particularly four year colleges and universities, in which Whites make up 50% or more of the student demographics (Sage Pub). Predominantly White colleges and universities are different from other colleges and universities that serve students with different ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds, such as historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU). Being an African American at an PWI can be intimidating. I myself endure this task everyday. People think that its just like attending any other university, but it has its own hardships, from statistics to stereotypes made about African Americans. Not only that, but just feeling like you …show more content…

However, approximately 85%, of Black students attend PWIs. (Black Gendare Port) I myself fall into this percentile dealing with the Black students attending PWI 's. I know your thinking why not go to an HBCU where I am more likely to be successful. In spite of that, UNF ranks 18 out of 131 for the leading registered nursing program in Florida. The rankings are based on the current and the past pass rates of NCLEX-RN which is a standardized exam for entry-level nurses. UNF has a current pass rate of 94.04, which surpasses the national pass rate of 85.26. ( My dream profession is to become a nurse. I wanted to go to a prestigious school that would help benefit me in the most accommodating way. Attending UNF helped me realize that no matter the circumstances I want to be successful at all cost. Yet, it is still nerve wrecking to know that your trying to beat the odds.
My social identity that I identify with UNF is an African American. The university helps me focus on my social identity each and everyday. I standout everyday just due to my color. Although, there are other things that make me feel different from my peers. For instance, the way I dress. Many of the girls like to wear more laid back and chill clothing like sweat pants, soft shorts, big shirts, and flipflops. Where I like to actually dress up with name brand clothing, skirts, and tennis shoes. So, sometimes I feel like I am over dressing or doing to much

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