Prejudice And Discrimination : What 's The Difference? Essay

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Prejudice and Discrimination: What’s the Difference?
Prejudice and discrimination are two different actions with similar meanings. A person can be prejudice without having discrimination; however, if someone is discriminating, they have prejudices. A prejudice can start from a stereotype and, with mental reinforcement, can turn into a discriminatory act. With a prejudice, a person can think a certain way without acting out in behavior.
In this paper, we will be looking at what the meaning of prejudice along with the definition of discrimination. We will be using social psychologist’s sources to define what these words mean along with case studies showing real situations to better define them in practice. Ultimately the goal of this paper is to separate the two words from each other clearly define and show what the differences are between them along with showing case studies that present them at work. Since both prejudice and discrimination can be such a broad topic of discussion, we will be looking at how they come into play in today’s workforce. This information is important to gain knowledge on societal issues and one the first steps to overcome something is to know the information well.

Prejudice, defined by the Oxford dictionary, is a “predetermined opinion that is not based on a reason or an actual experience” (Definition, 2016). In other words, prejudice is where a person has a mindset towards another person based off the person’s race,
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