Prejudice And Homosexuality And Sexual Love And Moral Experience

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Isaiah Hines Phil. 2306-43430 05/14/2015 "Prejudice and Homosexuality & Sexual Love and Moral Experience" For many years homosexuality and sex with out marriage has been condemned and debated most with in America . In all standards, homosexual men and women have been denied many rights within the land of the free and home of the brave. And if they have a(n) desire to want to be in the military then they are supposed to withhold their sexual orientation and preference, since this particular discrimination has infiltrated America, then those who are homosexual can not really considered this their home of the brave then.The defining term and context of 'Homosexuality ' comes in play, when someone is physically,emotionally, and/or sexually attracted to their same gender., This particular sexual attraction which D.P. Verner parallels with Mohr on the context of sexual love and this phenomenon of sexual attraction rather it be homosexual or heterosexual all stems from the psychological notation and theory of Freud Sigmund. Now, specifically in the article of 'Prejudice and Homosexuality ' by Richard D Mohr, there are few statistics about homosexuality that tend to be a somewhat out of date when referring to the society that we live in today, that is leaning towards the tolerance of homosexuality. In the article theirs few analytical statistics for 1948 and 1993, in which you see the gay civil right moving rapidly, towards becoming less prejudice and discriminating every
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