Prejudice, Discrimination, And Stereotypical Situation

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For many years, people have witness or been a victim of prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypical situation. For some time now, the class has been reading the novel ‘The Help’. The Help demonstrates many events referring to these three terms. Discrimination is an unjustified negative behavior towards a group or its members. Whereas, prejudice is a preconceived negative judgement of a group and its individual members. A belief about the personal attributes of a group of people is known as stereotypes. I’ll now share a few scenarios from the novel to better understand the terms. In Chapter 6, Miss Hilly stated “everybody knows they carry different kinds of diseases than we do. I double.” (Stockett, 2009, p. 25) Basically, Miss Hilly …show more content…

... This is dirty out here, Mae Mobley. You’ll catch diseases! No no no!” (Stockett, 2009, p. 134) From my understanding, Miss Leefort accusing Aibileen’s bathroom contaminated because she’s Black and Blacks are dangerously disgusting. According the textbook, stereotypes are negative interpretations that mark prejudice often supported by negative beliefs. Miss Leefort got the idea of an outside bathroom from Miss Hilly, and quickly assume it was a great idea because Miss Hilly has one. Instead of disagreeing with the idea, Miss Leefort probably felt unwelcome if she didn 't do so. Regarding to the stereotype, the Black maids are the women who cleans, prepared supper, organize, and raise the kids of the Whites. The question you may ask, “so how and why Blacks deserve to use an outside bathroom or even be considered dirty and carry diseases?” Blacks have been mistreated and accused wrongly for decades, yet Blacks aren 't the only one dealing with stereotypes. After graduating from university, Skeeter expected to have children with a wealthy husband, but she returned home with her diploma and the potential to become a journalist. Of course, her mother disagreed because most of the White women were married to wealthy men, living in beautiful homes, and have children. Skeeter didn 't want that lifestyle. Referring to Mary Jackman and Mary Senter survey, both women found

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