Premarital Sex Reflection Paper

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Before this class I thought about the topics we covered in a broad sense and probably not very often. After taking this class I was forced to look deeper into each topic, and while I disagree with some things, I am glad I will be able to hold a conversation about why I disagree. I am born and raised Catholic so I know what view I am supposed to have on each topic, but I’d catch myself feeling guilty because my views were more often than not slightly different than the Church’s teachings. I needed to remind myself that it is okay I have a different opinion, as long as I accept the Church’s opinion as well. Of the topics we talked about, I found cohabitation as the most important/interesting and I found contraception as the most controversial. In this paper I will focus on contraception in premarital sex which can also be happening in cohabiting relationships, so it in a way all connects. I have been dating my boyfriend Jarod for almost six and a half years now and he recently asked me where I was going to live after I was done with college. He was not so subtly trying to ask me what my opinion would be on us living together. My first thought was no I want to wait until I get married and I know that is what my parents want as well, but as I thought about it, it really began to make sense why he would ask. It is not cheap to live on your own, and while I would just continue living at my parents, his parents are ready for him to move out. I told him maybe if we were engaged

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