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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PreP) is a preventive measure against HIV for people that have a high risk of contracting the virus, not for people with the virus. In order to reduce the likelihood of catching HIV, PreP consists of taking the medication pill, Truvada, on a daily basis. Think of it as a birth control pill, in the sense of, if you miss a day the chances of getting pregnant are increased. Same goes with taking Truvada, effectiveness will definitely decrease if the medication isn’t taken on a strict daily regimen. PreP is a prescription medicine drug prescribed by a physician that may be covered by your Medicaid plan, health insurance or be charged a copay. First, an assessment by the physician has to occur to determine whether the patient is high risk for the HIV virus or not. Once it has determined that the person is indeed high risk to contract HIV, he or she will have to go under laboratory testing to check if the person has functionality of the kidneys, rule out HIV and …show more content…

There are many couples out there that are in heterosexual relationships that will also benefit from PreP. Their partner might have contracted HIV before entering the current relationship and in order to decrease the risk of getting HIV, the HIV negative partner will need PreP. Another group that will benefit are the people that work in the adult industry whether it is gay or “straight” pornography. These people are also at risk because of the different amount of people they have sexual intercourse with and the likely of HIV spreading. Lastly, drug addicts, specifically the people that use injection with a needle, would benefit from taking PreP. Sharing of needles from someone that has HIV will pass on the virus to anyone that uses the needle. PreP will decrease the chances of contracting the HIV virus through needle injection by 70% and 90% to people that can contract it through

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