HIV Infections in African American Males Essay

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HIV infections in African American Males have been a national growing problem since the early 1990’s. According to CDC, in the United States, there are more than 1 million people living with HIV. 48 percent are afro American males between the ages 13-44(CDC, 2007). It is estimated that around 1 million people in the United States will be diagnose with HIV in the up coming year with the lifetime risk of becoming infected is 1 in 16 for black males (CDC,2007). However, there is growing concern about the disproportionate increase of HIV among adolescent African American males ages 13-19. These adolescent males count for 37 percent of the cases, which double their representation in their general population. Although, Poverty is a major …show more content…
Since the Trans-theoretical model framework is one of the leading intervention for behavior change (Hayden, 2009, p65). To better motivate behavior change towards condom use, a school wide Condom Education Program can be useful when tailoring a group’s intervention that will meet the target population stage of readiness to change regardless of the behavior of focus.
The North Carolina Healthy Living Standard Course of study has objectives for growth and development, puberty education, sex education and prevention. Any African American male attending these schools has been educated about HIV causes and prevention. Since, they know the benefits of using condom as a protection and even considering changing. To better approach their behavior change toward condom use, the four most useful constructs are contemplation, preparation, action and self-efficacy.
Although, (NIH, 2007) reports that condoms have reduce HIV Transmission by 87-95 percent. To get these African American male students from seeing it to exploring condom use as an option or a benefit is contemplation. However, a Condom Education Program is placed an inner city high school, whose population is 65 percent Afro-American male. NIH reported data is the goal of the program. The objective is by the end of the year, 45% of Afro American sexual active males are
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